Asecons has an apparent division derived from the specialty of each unit. We are a group of mostly workplace and other accounting and tax area but in practice, most of the staff has been involved in the overall management of each company and has assimilated comprehensive knowledge of all areas. Asecons works from small individual or corporate businesses with few employees and low volume of activity to large companies, over 250 workers; over 8 million turnover or offices in each of the 8 Andalusian provinces. Asecons advises clients to whom they apply most tax systems to be located in most economic sectors. Asecons, derived from our commercial spirit of cooperation for mutual benefit work associated with other advisory bodies with which we unite various cooperation agreements in which an exchange of information and mutual customers occurs. Our direct customers are located mainly in the next municipalities where we stand us and those companies with whom we collaborate. Highlight areas of the Bay of Cádiz; La Janda Litoral and the region of Olvera. We will be glad to offer our services.

We advise clients that apply to them most tax systems to be located in most economic sectors:

Industrial manufacturing companies
Outsourcing Public Works and Transport
Photovoltaic electricity production, advocacy and civil construction
Wholesale and retail distribution in sectors such as hydrocarbons
Metal recovery
Gold Treatment
Import and export operations inside and outside the European Union
Textile, home accessories
Personal and Professional Services
Livestock bulls

Asecons manages all legal types:

Type commercial companies
Limited partnerships
One-person company
Worker cooperatives, Agricultural service cooperatives, or are individual or collective individuals (civil societies and communities of goods)
Companies in which government
Decentralised bodies of the Autonomous Administration (Control Board of the Designation of Origin; Rural Development Group; Conservation Authority industrial estate).