Work areas

Comprehensive advice in the world of labor relations and social security, are our goals.
Áreas de trabajo


  1. Assistance representation before the C.M.A.C.

  2. previous claims.

  3. Collective conflicts.

  4. Collective negotiation.

  5. Assistance to the Social Courts.

  6. Means.

  7. Records of Employment Regulation.

labor management

  1. Constitution of companies.

  2. Recruitment and affiliation of workers.

  3. Preparation of payroll and contribution slips.

  4. I.R.P.F. retentions.

  5. Dismissals and sanctions.

  6. Reports.

  7. subsidies.

  8. Expte. FOGASA.

  9. Representation before the Labor Inspectorate.

Social Security

  1. study, address file processing performance.

  2. special schemes.

  3. special agreements.

  4. Capitalization of benefits.

Public function

  1. Rating jobs.

  2. Competence development training programs.

  3. Negotiation of agreements and agreements improvements.

  4. labor management of local government.

  5. Planning and organization optimization R.R.H.H.

Studies and audits

  1. Socio-Employment Audit.

  2. Labor cost study.

  3. Performing functional flowcharts for management skills.

  4. Reports on social and labor matters.

Our lawyers have the experience and expertise to offer our customers a high quality and efficiency, based on the following principles: mutual trust, loyalty and personal treatment. Our professionals are specialized in all branches of law necessary to contribute to the success of the business of our customers.
Áreas de trabajo

Commercial law

  1. corporate law (consulting and business operations).
  2. acquisitions, transmission companies and assets.
  3. Corporate restructuring transactions (mergers, excisions, etc.).
  4. Commercial and civil contracting.
  5. Industrial property rights and intellectual.

Procedural law

  1. pre-litigation negotiation.
  2. civil and commercial national and international litigation.
  3. Execution of Sentences.
  4. National and international arbitration.

Bankruptcy law

  1. Restructuring firms in preconcursales situations.
  2. Application for insolvency.
  3. Advice at all stages of the competition.
  4. Personación representing creditors.
  5. Feasibility plans.
  6. Company Liquidations.

Civil law

  1. personal rights and obligations.
  2. Real rights.
  3. Drafting and negotiation of contracts.
  4. Probate and estate planning.
  5. contractual liability, Extra contractual and general damages.

Administrative law

  1. Contracting with the public administration.
  2. disciplinary procedures.
  3. patrimonial responsibility of the Administration.
  4. administrative litigation proceedings.
  5. Government subsidies and support.
  6. Licenses and authorizations.
  7. Foundations and Associations.
Áreas de trabajo

In ASECONS we have a new understanding of counseling and consulting, with which we perform optimization and Business Development, Companies and Institutions.

Our area makes a dynamic and innovative consulting tailored to the current needs of our customers where we combine Humanity, Knowledge, Experience, Training, Quality, Trust, Professionalism and Effort as the values ​​of our work.

We are committed to continuous improvement and we as Mission:

"Accompany with loyalty and perseverance to our customers in the development of their activities, helping them optimize their resources and strategic management of their organizations, giving it the necessary to achieve its objectives and sustainable growth of the same value. "

Strategic direction: The essential task of senior management is to establish strategic roadmap to lead their organizations to achieve their objectives and expected results, tending into consideration the environment in which it operates, resources and capabilities available.

  1. Previous reports Diagnostics – Company Global IDP.
  2. Strategic planning and management.
  3. Balance Scorecard - Table of Integrated Controls.
  4. comprehensive management audit.
  5. Business Intelligence.

Entrepreneurs and Projects: Nowadays any business, company or person who starts a new investment project or business is considered an entrepreneur, we bring value from:

  1. Market Analysis and Sector Studies.
  2. Coaching for Entrepreneurs.
  3. economic and financial diagnosis.
  4. Economic and financial management plans.
  5. Budgeting.
  6. Business plans.
  7. Investment projects analysis.
  8. Treasury management.
  9. Creation and Development of Franchising.