Work areas

work area

The workplace, referred to human resources and formal obligations deriving this element as they are developing the right type of employment contract; calculating payroll and social security; the application of collective agreements; procedures and interpretation disputes with workers; obligations to labor inspection; the implementation of grants and subsidies for hiring.

Accounting area

The accounting area, referred to the obligation of keeping of accounts in accordance with the requirements of tax legislation and, if, in business law; application of accounting principles under the law; analysis of the suitability of documents; interpretation of documents.

tax area

The tax area, based on the fulfillment of all obligations under national tax law, regional and local, with interpretation of the application of the rules to firms and analysis of the tax consequences of each corporate action. Company representation before the bodies of testing and inspection of the Tax Agency.

financial area

The financial area, referred to collaboration to obtain loans from financial institutions by preparing the necessary documentation and identification of possible guarantees and obtaining public or private subsidies for the realization of the initial investment or expansion also preparing the necessary documentation for your request, management, approval, justification and collection.

Training area

Training area, referring both to the organization of the newly established companies, as to direct customers to acquire a sufficient volume to organize their own management department and external collaborators who are prepared to complete the areas that they believe need improvement.