Asecons has an apparent division derived from the specialty of each unit. We are a group of mostly workplace and other accounting and tax area but in practice, most of the staff has been involved in the overall management of each company and has assimilated comprehensive knowledge of all areas. Asecons works from small individual or corporate businesses with few employees and low volume of activity to large companies, over 250 workers; over 8 million turnover or offices in each of the 8 Andalusian provinces.

Work areas

work area

Referring to human resources and the resulting formal obligations of this element.

Accounting area

Keeping of accounts in accordance with the requirements of tax law.

tax area

Compliance with all obligations under national tax law, regional and local.

Legal area

We have the experience and expertise to offer our customers quality service and efficiency,

Our team and collaborators

Our team It consists of a multidisciplinary group of professionals in the area of ​​management, which is complemented by a group of expert collaborators on key topics in which we develop our services.

Aand we consider team success factor of our services.

Our customers say

  • Our experience with Asecons It is fully satisfactory.
    They worry about identifying our needs and adapt to them.
    Asecons He cares about its customers and transmits in each management or new need that we have requested.

    Paco Lopez
  • Asecons He knew perfectly capture the idea of ​​what I wanted to do. Intuitive because with an idea to move them knew how to expand and transfer the work they have played.

    Antonio Gonzalez
  • We have had services Asecons for the management of our company. Working with them is very simple and we were very pleasantly surprised. It has been a success.

    Laura Ortiz